Brand Assurance Services

Brand Assurance Services

The prime focus and the end goal of any business is to make their brand visibility, trust and assurance.

Retail Audits

A Brand audit provides the opportunity to put in place a process of constant evaluation of your brand’s position in-store and in the minds of your customers.A Brand Audit delivers a 360-degree analysis that examines every facet of your brand.

Our in-depth brand audits perform a vital function for marketing and operation heads in enabling them to gain visibility of compliance at shelf level and begin the process of closing the gap between what was planned and what is actually happening in-store and improve the delivery of brand identity in the eyes of the consumer. Our pan India presence in more than 300 cities provides us the bandwidth to turnaround team fast and effectively.Our mobile first technology and flexibilities to customize as per client needs provides fast and reliable results with efficiency.

Vendor Master Management

  • Décor Audit
  • Behavioral Audit
  • Process Audit
  • Hygiene Audit
  • Periodic Review

Mystery Audit

Mystery audit is a procedure in which a hired person visits a retail store, a restaurant, a branch of a bank or any similar location to evaluate the quality of customer experience offered by the establishments. A detailed checklist that has to be evaluated based on the experiences of the mystery shopper at the particular establishment. They include things like how the customer will be greeted, the maximum acceptable wait time, the temperature at the facility and also how many products should be on display.

We at ADJECTUS have designed a mechanism to assess real-time experience of a customer over a real-time transaction in a store, through a combination of objective and subjective evaluation techniques. Quick reporting and deep-dive analysis of key improvement areas enable our clients to take early corrective actions, thereby resulting in a high ROI proposition.

Stock Audit

The stock audit process is necessary to reduce the avoidable investment on stocks or inventory to ensure proper balance in the process. As high levels of stock result in overstocking which may result in the poor value of cash flows and financial losses.

This is an area of specialization and core competence for Adjectus. Internal Audit Services are our best because of our unparallel reach and all India network. Assets e.g. Stocks and physical assets such as raw materials are important real assets and need repeat watch.We offer our focused services to companies to keep them assured of their physical assets.Assets like stock, physical equipments and machinery and even people are located in any of the above premises and a good control mechanism is the need for the smooth running of the business.

Customer Reviews/Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys are used for several different purposes, each of which is important to the company that wishes to continuously monitor and improve the customer experience or gain customer insights.

Our services of customer surveys with the use of modern technologies will let you collect qualified feedback and reviews, which will help identify your strengths and weaknesses, and leverage the advertising power of your top competencies. These feedback’s reviews will help the businesses to take corrective measures and improve the overall customer satisfaction.


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